today Chicken price in Pakistan (Chicken rate list 10 August 2023)

If you’re looking for a “1kg Chicken Rate Today in Pakistan,” don’t worry. We’re here to tell you the market price of chicken pieces, live chickens, chickens without bones or skin, chickens from the country, and chicken liver.

We all know that chicken is a popular food in Pakistan, especially on Fridays when every house smells like non-vegetarian food. has decided to give chicken rates to all customers in the Pakistan area so that customers can decide whether to buy chicken online or in person.

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1kg Chicken Price Today in Pakistan – 10 August 2023

Check Today’s Chicken Price in Pakistan Market below with full details

Pakistan Chicken Rate Today

Chicken (چکن)1 KgRs.587
Boneless Chicken (بونلیس چکن)1 KgRs.750
Live Chicken (زندہ چکن)1 KgRs.378
Chicken Liver (چکن لیور)1 KgRs.400
Skinless Chicken (جلد کے بغیر چکن)1 KgRs.700
Country Chicken (دیسی چکن)1 KgRs.1200

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