today Ghee price in Pakistan (Ghee rate list 10 August 2023)

If you go to the market, you will see a few Ghee and oil-cooking groups. For the best health, people should choose the top that guarantees cooking oil and ghee. Some people choose the best ghee on their own, and in some cases, they test and analyze the taste of “cooking oil and ghee.

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today Ghee prices in Pakistan

Ghee BrandsPrice / 1KG
Habib Banaspati GheeRs. 529
Kisan Banaspati GheeRs. 535
Dalda GheeRs. 539
Shan GheeRs. 520
Areej GheeRs. 530
Manpasand GheeRs. 490
Sharjah GheeRs. 515
Rehmat GheeRs. 520
Khyber GheeRs. 510
Tullo GheeRs. 550
Dil Dil Banaspati GheeRs. 520
Sawera GheeRs. 520
Eva VTF Banaspati GheeRs. 520
Kausar GheeRs. 495
Dilawar GheeRs. 490
Family GheeRs. 490
Sufi GheeRs. 537
Golden Sun GheeRs. 540
Kashmir Banaspati GheeRs. 500
Shahbaz GheeRs. 490
Asia GheeRs. 490
Sultan GheeRs. 495
Shama GheeRs. 495
Dastak GheeRs. 510
Nemat GheeRs. 510
Hoor GheeRs. 510
Handi GheeRs. 490
Islamabad GheeRs. 510
Karachi GheeRs. 550
Latif GheeRs. 500
Mujahid GheeRs. 520
Maan GheeRs. 495
Taaza GheeRs. 495
Yadgar GheeRs. 490
Zaiqa GheeRs. 500
Habib GheeRs. 545

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