Today Sugar price in Pakistan (Sugar rate list 11 August 2023)

KARACHI-Sugar prices in Karachi have increased once again, worrying both traders and customers. The cost of sugar has increased by Rs 8, reaching Rs 155 for a kilogram. The effect is evident in the wholesale market, where a 100-kg bag of sugar saw an astonishing spike of Rs 800 in just two days.
During the same two-day period, the wholesale market at Jodia Bazar, a significant commercial center in the city, too saw a sudden Rs 8 surge in sugar prices. Concerns about the possible impact on consumers and local companies are growing as the product in this market reaches Rs 143 per kilogram. The burden on regular people is increasing as prices in general stores approach Rs 155 per kilogram.
Increasing food prices can have a domino effect on household spending, which might put an even greater strain on people already struggling to cope with inflationary pressures.

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Sugar price in Pakistan 11 August

per KgRs. 135-140
100 Kg (whole sale rateRs. 13600
per kg whole sale rateRs. 130

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