Tuff Tiles Prices In Pakistan

In Pakistan, a square foot of Tuff Tiles costs between Rs 49 and Rs 84. This is how much the Tuff Tile costs.

What are Tuff Tiles?

Tuff Tiles are plastic or rubber floor tiles that can be used inside or outside. They fit together like puzzle pieces, which makes them easy to put up without glue or tools. They are strong and don’t get damaged by the weather, which makes them a good choice for garages, workshops, sports courts, patios, decks, and other places.

Types of Tuff Tiles

  • Choose Rubber Tuff Tiles for a surface that won’t slip and will take the impact of falls.
  • Plastic Tuff Tiles are made of high-density polyethylene, which makes them strong, light, and easy to clean.
  • Choose Foam Tuff Tiles if you want a cushioned surface made of closed-cell foam that is also light and easy to move around.
  • Use Grass Tuff Tiles to make your patio, deck, or playground look like grass. These tiles are great for patios, decks, and playgrounds.
  • With their coin-shaped surface, Coin Top Tuff Tiles give you more grip. They are great for garages and workshops.
  • Installing Diamond Top Tuff Tiles will give you a surface with a diamond pattern that gives you more grip and is great for industrial and commercial uses.
  • Wood Grain Tuff Tiles are made to look like real wood, making them a great choice for basement floors.

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